Example Alertmanager configuration Download the file and replace the %SLACK_API_URL% string with your Slack Incoming Webhook URL.. Jun 18, 2021 ... telegram # Build and deploy oc new-app --name=telegram \ https://github.com/openshift-examples/alertmanager... Copy the "Prometheus" integration API Key to use in later steps ... route: group_interval: 5m group_wait: 10s receiver: rafay-webhook repeat_interval: 3h routes:.... Examples Email of the user posting the event that triggered the webhook. $EVENT_MSG: Text of the event. Example: @webhook-url Sending to.... Webhook config example Setup DeadManSwitch alert and DeadManSwitch Webhook Config and Golang Webhook Example. Routing: Routing Alerts based on.... Slack: wrong API key or channel name ... Webhook: the server is not available ... Raises when Alertmanager receives an alert with errors, for example: Missing.... Important note for Prometheus Alertmanager v0.11 and later: Alertmanager now supports Events API v2. However, if you set the routing_key property and use v2.... Jun 24, 2020 When you set up a webhook alert, you must get the hook URL from the target source. For example, if you want to post a webhook alert to a Slack.... Create a Squadcast Webhook in Prometheus Select Prometheus from Alert Source drop down and copy the Webhook URL shown.. Webhook format example Define webhooks. When defining JSON webhooks, use the format "name":"value", . For example:.. Example Alertmanager configuration name: alertmanager2es webhook_configs: - url: https://alertmanager2es.example.com/webhook.... Examples of webhook JSON output for uptime checks Examples of webhook JSON output for uptime checks. Note on sending a test.... To have Prometheus Alertmanager send alerts to the flow trigger, you need to configure a webhook and set it to use the trigger URL. Closed Configure the.... docker-alertmanager-webhook-servicenow - alertmanager-webhook-servicenow in a container. ... -e AWSN_SERVICE_NOW_USER_NAME="example" \ -e.... Sep 14, 2020 The SMS proxy will get a Webhook from Prometheus and will send SMS using the provider API or SDK. On the Prometheus side, the new... 538a28228e

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